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TimeNine is the New York City studio of John Hicks.


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The Time Walker

Time Walker. Date calculations for planners and researchers.

Time Walker helps planners set dates for others, dates that pull people together.

Time Walker helps researchers work out unknown dates.

Time Walker is a quick and clever date calculator ...




... that adds and subtracts weekdays too ...




... at either end of a date range, or both ends ...




... and documents dates at ...




... and compares dates on parallel timelines ...




... and works out dates by touch ...






... with pinch to zoom ...






... for Alice, who offers 45 day trial memberships, and wants to know which members renew or expire this week.

... for Jim, who rebills 45 business days from the last Friday of each quarter, and calculates weekdays.

... for Carol, who each quarter figures how many days of interest her bond earns from then to maturity.

... for Sam in HR, who wants to know whether Pete earns early retirement before the company picnic this summer.

... for Tom, whose new tax accountant needs to know whether he renovated the Pacific place before or after his three-month leave for the Ironman.

... for Gina in HR, who needs to tell their lawyer whether Melanie applied for maternity leave before or after her last performance review.

... for Bob, who needs to count how many of the girls will be eligible at the start of soccer season.

... for Martin, whose doctor wants to know when he first noticed the sore on his back. Martin isn't sure, but it was a month or two before the Winter Olympics the year Lindsay Vaughn slid off the course during the downhill slalom.

Time Walker. For iOS and Android phone and tablet touchscreens, and for desktops on Windows, Mac, and Linux.



Time Walker I, Time Walker II, Time Walker III.



Time Walker I walks the calendar for any of these calculations.

Time Walker II saves your calculations for next time, and synchronizes them across all your devices.

Time Walker III shows and edits dates on parallel timelines (and links dates to evidence files at

The Windows and Mac versions do everything the mobile touchscreen versions do, but use mouse and keyboard instead.


For more examples and a look at the future, visit us at the blog.

Visit our support forum and join our community discussion. Tell us where you want Time Walker to go next.








Requires AIR 3.9.

Get AIR 3.9 for Mac.

Get AIR 3.9 for Windows.

Get AIR 3.9 for Linux.